Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is It Just Me or What?

While chugging away on the treadmill during my workout yesterday, I caught The View and Whoopee Goldberg's segment called "Is It Just Me?"  wherein audience members shared cultural, societal and familial observations and Whoopee observed quite humorously back at 'em.

Well, it got me thinking Is it just me...or what?  For example, I recently attended a Red Sox-Orioles' game in beautiful Camden Yards in Baltimore.  It was a lovely, crisp, autumn evening, with a full Harvest Moon shining down on the diamond.  We were absorbed by the game...would the Sox seek revenge against the Birds who spoiled our season last year, or would we be spoilers for the Evil Empire (aka NY Yankees)?  It was a good game, but the Sox lost and it did help Baltimore make the playoffs!

It being Parents' Weekend at our daughter's university, and this being a school sponsored event, we were surrounded by college students and their folks.  Spirits were high and happy. the game rolled on, and we die-hard Red Sox Fans cheered for our feckless team, I noticed a strange and somewhat dismaying phenomenon...the majority of young people were not watching the game...they were TEXTING.  Here we were in a beautiful stadium (which is celebrating 25 years...just a youngster compared to the 100 year old Grand Old Dame known as Fenway...) immersed in America's Favorite Pastime and these whippersnappers were texting. Much to my chagrin and annoyance, I discovered they were texting people in our own section of the park.  How, you may ask, did I come to this realization?  Well, the first give away were the two girls seated in front of us who after sending a text would stand up, turn around and look for a reaction from the person/s whom they just they would...I know this may or may not make sense, LOUDLY mouth something like..."DID YOU GET IT?"...or "WAIT...I'LL TEXT YOU BACK!"  or no joking..."LOL!".

This continued for a few innings and my cranky, old self was not amused so I leaned over to my daughter  and in a not too disguised stage whisper asked, "Is it just me or is it totally dense to text people and then stand up to see how they react?  Why wouldn't you just GO and talk to them instead?"  I am pleased  but not proud to report I saw blushing from the row in front of us and the text offenders departed to another section of the stands.

This is not the end of the electronic abuse during the game.  Seated again, a several rows down from us, another group of students were waving and blowing kisses and the like to friends in the University seating...and this didn't bother me at all...but things quickly changed when a young man sporting "our" university T-shirt, returning from the concession area, appeared to have come into to the wrong section...a couple of students started making fun of him...and filming him on their smart phones...complete with commentary..."Oh So and So is looking for his friends...wait, he has no friends...hahaha...".  If he were aware of the taunting, he made a great effort to not be affected...but it was just mean. I was disgusted and so was my daughter...she is involved with student leadership and university orientations and she made note of the offenders and was determined shed light on the unbecoming behavior. 

What irked me was no one in the immediate area called them out on it...Is it just me, or are we letting our young people get away with crap like this too often?   Really...I was seated about 5 rows up from these kids and heard and saw the whole thing...and it bothered me...where was the peer and PARENTAL pressure  around them to stop such behavior? 
The young man did find his friends and made his way back to his seat...but I was hurt for him.  Is it just me?

Well...on a lighter about these observations....or is it just me?

When did the response to "Thank You" become "No, Thank YOU."?  I still say you are welcome!

When did hugging replace a handshake as an introductory gesture?  I am a huggy person...but only if I have known your name for more than a minute....geesh...cop a feel while you are at it!  When I extend my hand in welcome, it is not an invitation to grab hold and haul me in for a bone crushing bear hug!

Is it just me, or are today's helicopter parents...who hover over their kids every second of the day...just kidding themselves?  Just because your kid is on a leash or in your general proximity doesn't mean they are safe, well behaved or attended!  I was at a grocery store where I witnessed a couple of moms chatting in the produce aisle.  Each of their toddlers were strapped into a plastic car shaped carrier on the front of the shopping cart, facing each other and quietly sharing boogers.  I gently walked up and offered the moms tissues for the kids...and quickly put my produce back and exited the area. 

When did it become okay to blow off a social commitment with a friend because something "better" has come along?  Maybe it is just me, but if you make a "date" with someone you should follow through with that commitment.  Sadly for me, on more than one occasion, I have had friends cancel on on the day of an event, dinner, outing and tell me it was because something better came along...with these types, I have learned not to make the arrangements any more; the ball is in their court.   Honestly, is it just me, or if your need to beg off, don't you just say, I am sorry, I can't make it?  To say something else has come up that we'd prefer to do is really rude. 

I know that the US is struggling with a weight problem...but is it just me or do more people need to look in the mirror before they go out?  I am surprised each and every day with what I call the Sausage Casing Incongruity...people...yes, both genders...stuff themselves into clothing that squeezes, bulges, cinches and spills their corpulence and well makes them look like...sausages...believe clothes that drape your physique...use fit, not a size number as your guide...we will all feel and look better if you do.

Is it just me, or do people need to smile more?  I just like to smile...smiling is my favorite...thank you Buddy the Elf.

I know sometimes I sound like an old fuss budget...but that is just me.

Have a nice weekend.